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Serological Pipettes

Key Features

Orange Scientific Serological Pipettes are specially designed for Tissue Culture. The Serological Pipettes are manufactured from a single piece of high-grade polystyrene. No part of the pipette is welded to the body. Consequently, the pipettes have no welding points, so no liquid can be trapped at such points.

  • Certified as having been sterilised by gamma radiation
  • Certified Non-Pyrogenic
  • Certified Non-Cytotoxic
  • Certified Non-Hemolytic
  • Negative graduation provides additional volume
  • A plug is inserted into the top end to prevent liquid from penetrating pipettors
  • Colour-coding system makes identifying the pipette volume quick and easy
  • Packaged in 'peel-off' bags to ease opening. The peel-off back includes the following information: Lot Number, Expire Date and the wording "Sterile, Non Pyrogenic". Thus, the labelling even on each pipette insures all safety and certification requirements.
PN1E1 1 ml Yellow 1/100 ml 0.3 ml 500
PN2E1 2 ml Green 1/50 ml 0.4 ml 500
PN5E1 5 ml Blue 1/10 ml 3.0 ml 250
PN10E1 10 ml Orange 1/10 ml 3.0 ml 200
PN25E1 25 ml Red 1/5 ml 2.6 ml 100
7306 50 ml Purple 1/2 ml 10 ml 100

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