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OrTube | Centrifuge Tubes

Orange Scientific high-quality Centrifuge Tubes feature exceptional transparency. Special attention has been devoted to the cap system in order to ensure complete, safe tightness ? even when subjected to vibrations.

Centrifugal Force:
Conical Tubes up to 12000 x G
Skirt Tubes up to 6000 x G
Admissible Temperature:
-80C to +121C

Key Features

  • Made of either Highly transparent, excellent chemical resistance clarity and gloss, anti static Polypropylene, high clarity and toughness, high light transferability with minimal light distortion

  • Precise, printed graduation along the tube ? and engraved graduation on the cone ? to allow easy reading of small volumes
  • Clear white marking area
  • Sterile tubes are packaged in "peel-off" bags to ease opening and are resealable thus preventing contamination
  • Tubes are made of high-quality polypropylene
  • Sterilised tubes are certified as having been sterilised by gamma radiation
  • Sterilised tubes are certified as being DNA and RNA free
  • Sterilised tubes are certified as having an endotoxin level of <0.5 EU/ml

4440100 50ml Tube conical Yes 50 25 500
4440120 50ml Tube conical Yes 50 25 / Rack 500
4440150 50ml Tube conical No 50 50 500
4440200 50ml Tube skirt Yes 50 25 500
4440300 15ml Tube conical Yes 15 25 500
4440320 15ml Tube conical Yes 15 25 / Rack 500
4440350 15ml Tube conical No 15 50 500

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